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Entrusting your pup to someone else’s care is hard, especially if you’ve never done it before. Follow these tips to make sure the first doggie daycare experience is a great one for both you and your dog.

Get Your Dog’s Medical History Ready

You’ll need to provide proof of vaccinations before any dog daycare facility will accept your pup. Make sure you get them ahead of time so you don’t run into any snags on the first day. It’s also wise to make sure your dog is put on a flea and tick regimen before you bring him to daycare.

Ask About Meals

Different daycares have different policies regarding meal times. Some facilities feed pets two to three times a day, while others don’t allow dog food at all. Ask about the meal policies of the doggy daycare in Madison, WI, where you plan to take your pet. If you don’t agree with the policies, try somewhere else.

Learn What a Day There Is Like

Are you concerned your pet will be cooped up in a pen without social interaction during her stay at a doggie daycare? Ask the facility what an average day there is like. Dogs should be encouraged to interact and play with each other with adult oversight. Relaxation time should be scheduled into the day’s activities as well.


The final step to prepare your puppy for dog daycare is to practice with him until he knows how to properly interact with other dogs and people. Consider taking him to a dog park a few times a week before enrolling him in daycare.

When it’s finally time to drop your pooch off at daycare, let her know you’re excited. If you’re sad and nervous, she’ll pick up on your cues. Try to be positive and energetic and she’ll be much more likely to adapt well to the change.

doggie daycare madison wi

Leaving your dog home all day while you go off to work can be challenging for both of you. Some furry friends only whine and mope until you return, but others act out and destroy the place while you are away. One reason for the misbehavior may be boredom. Like humans, dogs need regular stimulation and attention to be happy and healthy, which they can receive at doggie daycare.

Signs Your Dog Is Bored

First, determine if your dog is having a hard time when you are gone. Signs of boredom include

• Digging in the yard
• Scratching carpet and/or furniture
• Chewing more than normal
• Stealing food or belongings
• Barking at the window all day long
• Annoying another pet in the house
• Jumping, nipping, barking, or whining at you constantly
• Escaping the yard

If your canine critter shows symptoms of severe distress, the issue may be separation anxiety.

How To End Boredom Through Doggie Daycare

Dog daycare is an easy answer to the problem. It provides the consistent structure and entertaining care that your four-legged family member needs to stop causing trouble at home. Animals in daycare receive one-on-one playtime and socialization with other pets if desired. After plenty of exercise, your dog will be too worn out to misbehave!

On days that daycare is not an option, other solutions you can try are rotating your dog’s toys weekly, hiring a dog walker, and prepping the home with appropriate, interesting pet products to keep your dog content and safe.

If you are looking for a doggy daycare in Madison, WI, and the surrounding area, check out Aunt B’s Pet Resort. We offer luxurious yet affordable weekday daycare. Our dedicated staff will keep your puppy busy and feeling loved so you won’t have to worry at work and can fully focus on your job. Learn more about our services and call if you have any questions or would like to book a spot.

Is Doggy Daycare Right for You?

doggy daycare madison wi

How To Decide if Doggy Daycare Is Right For You

Once upon a time, doggy daycare was primarily an option for pampered pooches, but these days, regular pet owners are relying on it to keep their pups entertained while they are at work. Some dogs thrive in a daycare environment, especially those who are people pleasures and love plenty of socialization. How do you know if dog daycare is a good choice for you? Let’s look at some of the details you should consider before you sign up your dog for daycare in Madison, WI.

Know Thy Dog

Not every dog thrives in a doggie daycare environment, so it’s important to understand how it can benefit your pet. Think about how your dog behaves when it is left alone at home. Does your pup have a destructive streak? Is your dog bored and lonely during the day? Daycare can provide stimulation and supervision to do away with some of those negative behaviors.

Personality Types

Not every dog is a social butterfly; nervous dogs or dogs who do not enjoy the company of other animals may not find a busy, social doggie daycare environment comfortable. You should consider your dog’s personality before you sign up for a daycare program to see if your pet would prefer one-on-one attention or small groups rather than lots of interaction during playtime. The idea is to keep your dog active and happy, and if daycare adds stress to your pet’s life, then it may not be a good fit.

Check Us Out

The best way to know if doggy daycare is a good choice for you and your pet is to visit facilities. Ask questions about staff to dog ratios, supervised playtime, sanitation practices, and dog screening and immunizations. A well-trained, professional staff and clean atmosphere is an indication that the care your pet can receive is top-notch.

We are happy to meet you and your dog and show you around Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa. Call us at (608) 846-4115 to schedule a visit or fill out our online form to contact us.

doggie daycare, Madison, WI

When dogs are left alone during the day, they may become anxious or bored, which could lead to destructive behavior. The perfect solution to keeping your pet happy and busy while you are away is a quality doggie daycare. If you are on the fence about taking your dog, here are five things to know about dog daycare before you choose one.

  1. Safety Is Always a Priority

Safety should be number one, both for the dogs and the staff. Not only should a doggy daycare require proof of vaccinations, but it should also tell you about its safety features, such as easy-to-clean, non-skid flooring or strong fencing and gates.

  1. Cleanliness Is Next (to Dogginess)

Take time to tour the doggie daycare before you sign up. Does it smell clean? Do they have a protocol for sanitization when indoor accidents occur? How well are the play areas maintained? You may also ask about how often they clean bedding, shared toys, and other equipment.

  1. Crowds Can Be Overwhelming

While dogs are pack animals, your pup may not enjoy competition for treats and attention. Ask about the staff to dog ratio as well as the size of groups during playtime. Some dogs prefer less of a crowd, and if that sounds like yours, you should see if the dog daycare has accommodations.

  1. Fill the Schedule

Find out if the doggy daycare has planned activities for the pets. Most programs can keep your dog stimulated and exercised, but if the pets are just sitting around waiting on their owners, you may want to find another facility.

  1. Boarded Up

Check about boarding options when you have overnight travel. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is well cared for when you go out of town, especially at a doggie daycare it already knows and loves, is a big stress reliever for pet owners.

The good news for Madison dog owners is that Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa checks all the boxes for your pup. Call us at (608) 846-4115 to schedule a tour or contact us online for more information.

How to Socialize an Older Dog

Old dog sleeping

It’s been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s not true. Dogs are social creatures and should enjoy being around other people and dogs. If your dog wasn’t socialized as a puppy, it’s never too late to help him learn to be more comfortable in new experiences, such as dog daycare. You’ll need to take your time when socializing an older dog. Here are some tips that can help you.

Take Your Dog Into the Community on a Leash

Use walks to introduce your dog to new surroundings and others. Daily walks aren’t just for exercise. You can use this time to help your dog be more social. If your dog gets overly excited or disruptive, don’t scold or tug on their leash. Just redirect them from the situation to calm down.

Teach Your Friends How to Approach Your Dog When They Come Over

Have friends come over to visit but keep the environment positive and relaxed. Ask your friends to let the dog make the first move. You could give your friends a treat to help your dog come closer. Make sure to associate new people with good experiences.

Watch Your Own Stress Levels

Your dog responds to your emotions more than you realize. Don’t play into your dog’s nervous reactions by comforting them or acting nervous yourself. Stay calm and collected. Act like the situation isn’t a big deal. Your dog will follow your reactions and attitude.

Work Your Way Up to the Dog Park   

The dog park is a great place for socialization, but it can be very overwhelming to an older dog. Start by walking around the dog park to give your dog time to investigate. Create positive associations by offering treats when your dog acts friendly and social. The first time you go in the dog park, find a time when it’s not as busy, maybe a mid-morning weekday.

Try Doggie Daycare

Dog daycare businesses are another great place for dog socialization. Start out by visiting the doggie daycare to let your dog sniff around. Make the experience positive. When your dog acts friendly, give treats. Ask the staff to help you introduce your dog to the pack of dogs slowly, so your dog isn’t overwhelmed. At Aunt B’s, “love is our specialty.” We know how to help dogs fit in.

Bring your dog to Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa for Doggie Daycare to help your older dog be more social, get more exercise and have a great time while you’re at work.

A dalmation making quick work of a shoe

Bringing a new puppy into your home means lots of exciting playtime, plenty of cuddles and many, many cute pictures. While you’re enjoying the new dog in your life, it is important to train it during the first few months. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to train it. Check out these puppy education tips to help you start.

Get Into a Routine

Just like human babies, puppies need structure. As soon as you bring your ball of fur home, start a routine to help it become accustomed to the new environment. Wake your puppy up, feed it and take it for walks at the same time each day. If you plane to train your dog to sleep in a crate, put it to bed at the same time each night. Remember, puppies have smaller bladders and need to be walked more often than adult dogs. If you work a full-time job, consider taking your pup to a doggie daycare that can help it stick to a potty-training routine.

Use a Reward System

Everybody loves rewards, and your puppy is no different! When your new addition to the family does something good, reward it with a small treat. Soon, you’ll see that it routinely lets you know when it needs to go outside or no longer chews on shoes. This is because the pup’s brain is being trained to know that good behavior brings rewards. Although food treats are yummy, keep in mind that they also add calories to your dog’s diet. Talk to your vet about the best way to reward your puppy with food. You can also use other forms of rewards, such as extra pets, more playtime or a new toy.

Avoid Reprimanding Your Puppy

When children do something they shouldn’t, you can reprimand them and explain why they cannot do it anymore. This won’t work with a puppy since they don’t understand cause and effect. For example, if your dog uses the bathroom indoors, yelling or brandishing a rolled-up newspaper will just confuse it since it probably won’t even remember what it did. In fact, reprimanding a puppy may even scare it and cause it to become fearful of people. Teach alternate behavior instead. If your dog is chewing on your favorite shoe, take it away and give it a toy instead. Over time, it will learn to go to the toy first.

With a steady routine and lots of rewards, your pup will be well on its way to becoming a well-trained dog in no time. Remember, puppies are babies. They likely won’t learn something the first time, so patience is key. Check out Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa to learn more about puppy education.

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

A precocious little scamp running around.

Your pet’s well-being is our top priority here at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa. And since exercise is one of the biggest factors that affects how healthy and happy your dog is, we’re careful to make sure each pet who stays with us gets enough activity on a daily basis. How much exercise does your pup need? Here are a few of the dog exercise guidelines that we follow at Aunt B’s.

Exercise Guidelines by Age

If Rover is healthy and in his prime, he’ll most likely need more exercise every day than either a puppy or an elderly dog. In fact, if your best four-legged friend is particularly young or old, it’s best to let him choose the amount and intensity of his exercise.

For puppies, several short play sessions of 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day are often plenty of physical activity. It’s true that puppies are famously rambunctious and love to run around. However, they also get tired out very quickly. Besides that, too much activity can damage your puppy’s skeleton, which continues to develop until he’s fully grown.

Senior dogs also tend to get tired more quickly than their younger counterparts. It’s important to pay attention to an older pup’s energy levels during exercise. If he seems to be worn out or not enjoying the workout anymore, it’s time to take a break.

Exercise Guidelines by Breed

In general, breeds that have traditionally been working or sporting dogs need more exercise every day than other breeds. Shepherds and retrievers, for example, thrive when they have an active lifestyle. These dogs can generally handle up to 90 minutes of walking, running, and playing every day, and some may want even more activity than that.

If your pup isn’t a working or sporting breed, aim to give him a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 60 minutes of exercise every day. Dogs that are very large and very small — such as mastiffs and Chihuahuas — fall into this category. So do breeds with short noses, such as pugs. Of course, every pet is unique, and you should always pay attention to your pooch’s energy and engagement during exercise.

The Takeaway

Wondering if your furry friend is getting enough exercise every day? Use these guidelines as a starting point, and talk to the vet if you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s daily workout. If you’re not sure whether your pup gets enough exercise while you’re at work, give us a call — our doggie daycare service at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa can help keep your pet healthy and active every day.

Dog Daycare


Why More Dog Owners Are Sending Their Dog to Dog Daycare

Here at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa in DeForest, WI located just outside Madison, WI, we may be best known for our exceptional dog and cat boarding facilities. It’s important for you to know we have a number of doggie daycare packages available. Dog daycare wasn’t anywhere near common a decade or so ago. We have experienced an exponential increase in demand for our services – and we know why.

Doggie Daycare Keeps Your Pet Busy

Imagine being pent up inside of a house during the best hours of the day with no one else to talk to or socialize with day after day. This is the life of many dogs living in Madison, WI, though more owners are changing that and are instead choosing to enlist them in our dog daycare. When your dog arrives at our doorstep, he or she is immediately engaging with other people and pets while enjoying brand new and interesting surroundings. Your pet is busy all day long, which brings us to the next benefit.

Doggie Daycare Means a Tired Dog

At the end of a hard day at the office, most pet owners in Madison, WI simply want to sit down and unwind. Instead of being able to do so, however, who they are met by a rambunctious pet that is anxious to hit the road and go for a lengthy walk.

When your dog comes to Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa’s dog daycare, he or she is moving and running about nearly the entire day. This means that when you pick up your pet, they are just as tired as you are and they are ready to snuggle up with you on the couch.

Doggie Daycare Means a Less Destructive Pet

Dogs can often get into trouble simply because they are bored at home. Some of the common problems include:

  • Social anxiety
  • Incessant barking
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Eliminating in the house

Not only are these problems a major inconvenience to the pet owner (and possibly the neighbors!), but it means that your dog has been unhappy and under stress while you have been away. By taking your dog to doggie daycare, most of these behavioral problems instantly vanish since we are eliminating the problem: boredom.

Doggie Daycare Means a Happy Pet

Our stimulating daycare environment here in DeForest, WI located just outside of Madison, WI will keep your pet running and playing all day long. We offer different activities throughout the day, which your dog may or may not choose to participate in. We may set off on an adventure, or we may even treat your dog to a head to tail pet massage. When you arrive to gather your dog from Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, we guarantee that a happy pet will greet you.

Dog Kennels


Dog Kennels and Your Dog: What you Need to Know

The tickets are booked, the plans are set, and you are all prepared for that fun-filled vacation abroad. That is, you will be once you know where your beloved dog will be staying while you are away.

At Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa in DeForest, WI located just outside Madison, WI, is well known for our top of the line dog kennels and accommodations which are designed to cater specifically to the needs of your pet. We have a few simple requirements that must be met before your pet comes to vacation with us. These must be fulfilled before we can accept your pet. We have laid out exactly how you can be prepared below so that your dog can seamlessly transition from your home to ours.

Vaccinations Are Required

DeForest, WI located just outside of Madison, WI is a fairly safe area for dogs. This has led many dog owners to forgo a regular vaccination schedule. Unfortunately, for the safety of all pets here at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, if your pet is not up to date on his or her vaccinations or does not have the vaccinations required to stay with us, we will not be able to accept your pet at check-in.

The vaccinations, which are necessary for your dog include:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHLPP)
  • Canine Cough (CVV, Bordetella)

These vaccinations must have been received at least 7 days prior to your dog coming to stay in one of our dog kennels and cottages. Be sure to arrive with the records and dates of your vaccinations as well!

Flea Prevention Is Necessary

Have ever dealt with a flea infestation in your home? If yes, then you know just how difficult they can be to get rid of. Given the number of pets we have visiting with us here at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa in DeForest, WI located just outside of Madison, WI, we require all dogs to be on a flea prevention program. Our expert staff will also inspect your pet when you come for check-in. We ensure that no fleas are present.

Bring Your Dog’s Food

We generally will not provide food for your pet. This is not because we are unable to do so. It is for the comfort of your pet. Suddenly switching your pet’s food when he or she is already in an unfamiliar environment will cause additional stress or upset. It can even have a negative impact on the health of your pet.

When We May Not Be Able to Accept Your Dog

We love every furry friend who comes to stay with us at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, but for the safety of our staff and other pets in our establishment, we are unable to accept dogs who are aggressive or who are notorious fence climbers.