Let Your Pets Go on Vacation, Too

Two dogs playing with toy

Do you love the idea of staying in a beautifully decorated cottage that makes you feel cozy and peaceful? What about a daily activity program full of fun and excitement with a soothing dip in the pool, a warm soak in a jacuzzi, or hiking in a gorgeous wilderness park? Or even having the option to choose from an array of tantalizing treats? If this sounds like an appealing vacation experience, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s exactly what we offer every single pet that comes to us for a unique, unforgettable stay at Aunt B’s Pet Resort in DeForest, WI.

This wonderful overnight experience starts as low as $39.95 per night!


We’d like to welcome your pet to their new-home-away-from-home with the first night on us!

Free First Night subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Lodging offer applies to first-time customers only and is applicable for any lodging accommodation selected.

Safe, Enriching Daycare Options

Woman holding a dog's pawAunt B’s Pet Resort is recommended by local veterinarians for our outstanding service and attention to detail.

Besides our five homelike cottages with sun-filled rooms and soft bedding, Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa will give your pet the one-on-one support and love they need to feel as safe as secure as possible while they’re away from home. We’re happy to provide the amenities and attention your pet needs to feel right at home.

It’s important to us your pet feels right at home at our resort. That’s why we go above and beyond to match the routine, comforts, and care your furry loved one deserves and expects. Is your pet used to a certain nighttime ritual? Do you call them a special, affectionate nickname? Have you been working on home manners with your pup? Let us know what we can do to make our resort an extension of your home.

Each of our five lovely cottages houses no more than 24 pups and each is equipped with their own kitchen, laundry room, shower room, and private play yards. Once they arrive in this country elegance, your pet will be escorted to their homey, comfortable room where they’ll find a treat on their bed to make them feel right at home.

What else is special about our facility and care?

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Daily wellness checks
  • Climate-controlled surroundings
  • Movie night during dinnertimes
  • Over 20 years of experience providing wonderful love & care

A Day of Fun at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa

Every day that your dog’s at our resort, they’ll be treated to the best comforts of home as well as the excitement of vacation.

  • Pets awake to soft, soothing music while the sun slowly filters into the windows and skylights
  • Dogs are greeted by our loving caregivers and escorted outside for their first potty break of the day
  • Rooms are thoroughly cleaned, fresh bedding is supplied, and breakfast is served
  • Pets are then ready for a fun-filled day with the custom activities and programs you selected just for them
  • Each pet will be brought to our private outdoor yard for plenty more potty/stretch breaks
  • After a day of excitement, dinner is served while an animal-themed movie plays!
  • The sun goes down and it’s time for a good night’s sleep as you pet is tucked into bed

Two Golden Retrievers playing in the snow

Activities Provide Exercise, Enrichment and Engagement

Boston Terrier Running through a field at Aunt B's Pet ResortPlaytime! Enjoy the great outdoors in our secure and spacious play yards, ideal for all-weather fun! Pets can play with like-sized friends chosen just for them, or they can enjoy one-on-one love and play with a specially trained caregiver.

5-Acre Sniffing Park. Our countryside resort features a beautiful, 5-acre “sniffing park” dogs love. Naturally grassy and wooded, this massive play park stimulates your dog’s sense of adventure and gives them plenty of room to run, have fun, and explore.

Swimming. Our heated indoor pool brings a splash of fun to your pet’s vacation. Designed just for dogs, our swimming pool is a clean and supervised way for your pet to get their fill of the water while enjoying the beneficial exercise swimming provides. For a little extra pampering, we’ll take your pup for a dip in the canine jacuzzi! Our swimming pool is also available for private rental—call us today to make your reservation!

Pampering. Many dogs love humans just as much as we love them! We’ll provide your cuddly pup with personal attention, belly rubs, and even doggie movie nights!

Reception Time. We love to bring dogs to hang out with us in our reception area where we have a toy box and comfy bedding to enjoy. While playing, resting, and kicking back, they’re soaking up lots of adoration from our staff.

Say Cheese! We love taking photos of our happy guests enjoying our resort and the company of their fellow pups (and our staff!). Some of our activity options include adorable pictures of your dog, sent right to your phone or email.

Gourmet Treats. Aunt B’s offers a full menu of delicious dog treats made from natural ingredients. Choose your dog’s favorite from a tasty lineup including flavors like chicken barbecue, venison nuggets, sweet potato, peanut butter banana, and many more!

Puppies & Seniors We offer specially designed packages for puppies as well as senior or special needs pets to ensure every guest gets everything they need (and more!) at Aunt B’s. Puppies enjoy extra activity, more potty breaks, and a soothing frozen treat while seniors and special needs pets go on extra stretch breaks, sleep on orthopedic bedding, and receive unlimited administration of medication.


We’d like to welcome your pet to their new-home-away-from-home with the first night on us!

Free First Night subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Lodging offer applies to first-time customers only and is applicable for any lodging accommodation selected.

Dog Boarding FAQs

Do you provide bedding?

All our guests are provided with soft, lamb’s wool bedding, but we highly recommend bringing a bed or blanket on home to put on top of it. If your pet tends to chew bedding, please let us know ahead of time.

What about food and treats?

To keep your pet on their usual diet, we ask you please bring their own food packed in a large 2-3-gallon Ziploc bag, labeled with your pet’s first and last name. We’ll discuss feeding measurements with you upon your arrival and carefully measure each portion, so there’s no need to bring individually packaged meals.
We sell a tasty array of gourmet treats, but you’re more than welcome to bring a separate Ziploc with treats from home. Each guest is provided with a treat when they arrive, so please let us know if you don’t want them to receive one.

What else should I bring?

Feel free to pack your pet’s favorite comfort items and toys! We want Aunt B’s to be your baby’s second home. We ask you please make a list of everything you bring to our resort with a brief description and color of each item, including a description of the bag or tote you carry your belongings in. For example: 1 green tote bag, 4 Ziplocs of food, 1 Ziploc of treats, red ball, green frog, big square brown bed, yellow rope toy, etc.

What vaccinations are required?

For dogs, we require proof of vaccination for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella.

Can you administer my pet’s medications?

We’re happy to give your pet any oral, topical, or ointment medications needed. Please provide all medications in their original containers with written instructions.

What else should I know ahead of time?

Please bring your dog to our resort on leash. There’s no need for him/her to potty out front, as we’ll be bringing him/her directly to a play yard to stretch and potty swiftly upon your arrival.