Is Doggy Daycare Right for You?

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How To Decide if Doggy Daycare Is Right For You

Once upon a time, doggy daycare was primarily an option for pampered pooches, but these days, regular pet owners are relying on it to keep their pups entertained while they are at work. Some dogs thrive in a daycare environment, especially those who are people pleasures and love plenty of socialization. How do you know if dog daycare is a good choice for you? Let’s look at some of the details you should consider before you sign up your dog for daycare in Madison, WI.

Know Thy Dog

Not every dog thrives in a doggie daycare environment, so it’s important to understand how it can benefit your pet. Think about how your dog behaves when it is left alone at home. Does your pup have a destructive streak? Is your dog bored and lonely during the day? Daycare can provide stimulation and supervision to do away with some of those negative behaviors.

Personality Types

Not every dog is a social butterfly; nervous dogs or dogs who do not enjoy the company of other animals may not find a busy, social doggie daycare environment comfortable. You should consider your dog’s personality before you sign up for a daycare program to see if your pet would prefer one-on-one attention or small groups rather than lots of interaction during playtime. The idea is to keep your dog active and happy, and if daycare adds stress to your pet’s life, then it may not be a good fit.

Check Us Out

The best way to know if doggy daycare is a good choice for you and your pet is to visit facilities. Ask questions about staff to dog ratios, supervised playtime, sanitation practices, and dog screening and immunizations. A well-trained, professional staff and clean atmosphere is an indication that the care your pet can receive is top-notch.

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