Extra Play Time

$8.00 per dog / per play
Give your pup extra play time with the sport of your dog’s choice.

Extra Massages

$8.00 per dog massage

Personal touch means the world to a pet when they are away from home. Our personal massages give your pet the opportunity to bond with their caregiver while making them feel safe and secure in the home environment that we provide.

Smile Your On Camera


We take picture of your pet’s entire vacation digitally. Don’t worry about missing your pet’s cutest moments while you are out of town. We offer a photo shoot for your pet so that you don’t miss a minute of their highlighted moments on vacation. We provide gorgeous, digital, blown up photos for you at the end of your pet’s stay that we will email you.

Disposable Cameras: Bring your own or we will supply one to shoot your pet’s entire vacation. You get the camera at departure time.

Marley’s Swimmin’ Hole

$9.00 per dog / per swim

Our heated, indoor swimming pool gives your pet the chance to frolic and play. This service is perfect for all dogs, especially the water-loving breeds. In addition to pool access, we have two pool add-ons that will be perfect for your pooch.

Swimming Lessons

$20.00 per dog / per lesson

If you don’t know if your dog is a water dog, let our trained staff give your hesitant pup the confidence they need to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim. Some dogs never find their sea legs and we will know after about three sessions if you pet is a true water dog or a satisfied land lover.

Personal Pool Rental

$15.00 for 15 min. / $30.00 for 30 min.

If you are missing those long summer days at the lake with your dog, or your Vet has recommended water therapy to improve your dog’s mobility, come swim with your own dog in our heated pool.

Poochie Jacuzzi

$9.00 per dog / per session

Dogs love to run, but sometimes all that activity can take its toll through the development of arthritis or muscle fatigue. Help out your arthritic or athletic dog through water therapy in our poochie jacuzzi.

Aunt B’s Sniffin’ Park

$9.00 per dog / per day

All dogs need to stretch their legs to stretch their spirits! Let your pooch blow off steam in our 5-acre wooded park. It’s a sniffer’s dream.

Reception Time

$8.00 per dog

Pets can come up and join us at the front desk while safely contained behind the desk. It gives them a break from the kennel while they enjoy our toy box and personal attention for 1 hour. Great for senior pets and pets with separation anxiety from their owners.

Plush Pup Grooming Salon

Prices vary per pet depending on breed and condition.

Pamper your pet with our ala carte grooming options. Our “Ala Carte Groom” includes bath, fluff brush, nail trim, anal gland expression, and teeth brushing. Or you can include one or all of these in our Ala Carte item selection. Pricing will vary based on condition of your pet’s coat.

Picasso Pup

$30 – $40 (Prices vary)

Your pet places his/her paws in paint and places feet on a white paper board. What you see from their prints is strictly from them. We then embellish the picture with a scrap book theme and place matting around the picture. $30.00 per pet. It is the keepsake of a lifetime.

If you are staying 10 days or more you qualify for Luxury Menu deals! Ask your receptionist what perks you will receive for your extended stay.

  • Check out our Gourmet Treat Menu. Many delicious things to chew and snack on while relaxing and keeping busy during down times in their room.
  • Grooming - We do not do hair cuts or trimming but we can do ears, nails, baths, blow dry & brush, anal gland expression and teeth brushing. We do take appointments while boarding and/or outside of boarding.

We work very hard to provide "Over the Top" care for every guest that stays at our resort. We provide custom care focusing on every detail of each customer's personal needs. If you love our service please write a review telling the community how you feel about us! It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Photo packages $30.00 for 30 exposures of your pet's entire stay
  • 3 photos and a detailed report midway through the vacation $10.00
  • 1 short video and a detailed report midway through your vacation $15.00