A place for your pet to relax

What’s more huggable than a freshly cleaned dog? Bring your pup to the Aunt B’s dog spa for a customized doggie spa day. From our skilled and loving spa professionals to our full menu of delightful services, we’ll help your pet look and feel their best.


We’d like to welcome your pet to their new-home-away-from-home with the first night on us!

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Pet Bathing & Spa Services

• Deluxe bathing packages
• Basic baths
• Specialty & medicated shampoos
• Ear cleaning
• Nail trims
• Coat brushing
• Teeth brushing
• And more!

Health Benefits of Professional Bathing

Coat & Skin. The high-quality, pet-specific shampoos and conditioners used by our spa specialists are loaded with nutrients and vitamins to enrich your pet’s coat and skin. After a relaxing bath and brush out, your pet’s coat will be glossier and cleaner with well-moisturized and nourished skin.

Health Screenings. Our spa professionals are highly trained to spot common signs of potential health abnormalities on the skin, ears, and paws. Every routine visit to our spa includes a health screening as part of the bathing process so we can catch any concerns before they develop into a more serious condition.

Reduces Shedding.As any dog parent knows, most dogs shed year-round no matter how much brushing you do at home. However, regular visits to the dog spa can dramatically reduce the amount of hair your pet sheds. Have you ever seen a cloud of hair come off your dog when they scratch? That’s the extra hair trapped in their deeper undercoat, which our specialized tools are designed to remove.

Nail Health. Canine nails grow at a constant rate, just like human nails. When the nails grow too long, it upsets the way your pet’s paws are articulated and can lead to discomfort, poor posture, and joint concerns. Our specialists are trained to quickly and accurately clip nails to keep your pet’s paws in great shape.