Pet Resort and Spa Madison

Why Not Let Your Pets Go On Vacation Too?

Do you love the idea of staying in a beautifully decorated cottage with a decor that makes you feel cozy and peaceful? What about a daily activity program full of fun and excitement with a soothing dip in the pool, a warm soak in a jacuzzi or hiking in a gorgeous wilderness park? Or even eating your favorite food and having the option to choose from an array of tantalizing treats? If this sounds like an appealing vacation experience, you'll be pleased to know that it's exactly what we offer every single pet that comes to us for a unique, unforgettable stay at our Pet Resort in Deforest, WI.

It's the Little Touches

Going out of our way to make each pet feel important and loved, providing a small treat on each dog bed upon arrival, dinner and a movie at night, massage, playtime and swimming options with a chance to experience our 5 acre Sniffin' Park as well are just a few of many things we offer! We've carefully considered every aspect of your pet's stay with us to ensure it's as good as it possibly can be. Not only do we get the basics right: daily health checks; warm, secure accommodations and plenty of opportunities for exercise and socialization. Ask about our photo packages and Picasso Pup art work created with your pet's very own paws! We offer a selection of added extras, which can transform your pet's stay with us from the satisfactory to the sublime.

A Gift to the Senses

Our Pet Spa offers a tempting selection of relaxing and rejuvenating options that benefit both the mental and physical well-being of your pet. Let them enjoy a relaxing grooming treatment. Perhaps book your old arthritic dog in for a soothing jacuzzi and massage that's ideal for tired muscles and achy bones after a hard day at play. Taste buds are tickled with tasty dainties, and our Sniffin' Park gives those noses plenty to do!

We Want Your Pet to Have a Great Time

Every member of the team is fully committed to ensuring that visitors who come to our Pet Resort have an amazing time from the moment they arrive. We genuinely care about every pet we see and do our utmost to provide them with the care, love and cuddles they need to thrive. If you live in or near Madison, or perhaps you live a bit farther but want your pet to have a vacation they'll remember for all the right reasons, call us at 608-846-4115.